Alternative Fleets

Are you looking for something different? Our alternative fleet options cater for all tastes and trends.

Our ‘Hot-Pink’ fleet is available in a Mercedes E210 ‘hot-pink’ hearse and matching limousine.  Be under no illusion, these are very pink…. ‘bubblegum’ pink, in fact.

New to the fleet and very on trend is our wonderful Leopard print hearse. This is a classic Daimler DS420 hearse with animal-print coachwork. We have launched this in memory of our lovely Mum, Joyce, who had a passion for ocelot.

Are you thinking of flying the flag?  Our Union Jack hearse (lovably known as Wavy Jack) is a Daimler DS420 hearse strikingly wrapped in our national flag.  It has been well received and we consider it to be our Marmite hearse! Our Wavy Jack hearse is also available for remembrance ceremonies, memorial services and other UK marketing events.

Our biker hearse is based on the very well known Harley Davidson, a ‘soft tail custom model motorcycle’, and is finished in black and silver. Our motorcycle hearse has been specifically designed to appeal to those ‘red-blooded’ biker enthusiasts.  Its raw beauty is in its stripped-down simplicity and back to basics approach to motor biking.  Out in the open, wind in your hair excitement.

Appealing to young and old, this hearse has an open deck which can accommodate all sizes of coffin, including American style caskets.  There is additional space for floral tributes.

Are you looking for something low key? Our trailer hearse is another recent addition and is paired up with our Ford Galaxy people carrier. Both have black coachwork. The main mourners have the option of traveling in the Galaxy with their loved one following behind. There is ample space for floral tributes to be displayed on and around the coffin. This is a respectful alternative hearse.

Alternative hearses are available nationwide.

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