Staff Support Services

Staff Support Services

We pride ourselves on our staff; they are our greatest asset.

Green’s Carriage Masters staff are experienced, supportive and committed individuals who are great ambassadors for our business, and of course a professional representative of your Company.

Our drivers have worked for a wealth of companies. They become members of a seamless team, your team. They operate under the full direction of the Funeral Director.

Our pallbearers are able to assist staff at branches for loading, attend church and chapel ceremonies, report directly to crematoria for carry-ins and graveside for burials.

Our conductors are a team with a great wealth of experience. They represent your Company as your Funeral Director. Your families can rest assured that procedures will be performed according to their plans made with your Funeral Arranger. We pride ourselves on preparation and keeping an eye on the detail.

Our ambulance crew have a wealth of industry experience. They are familiar with documentation, procedures and protocol at a family residence, Nursing Home, Hospice and Hospital Mortuary. Our day attendants are bookable via the diary team within office hours. The Out-of-Hours crew are a dedicated team directly contactable by mobile phone outside of office hours (week days and weekends).

We provide a service to suit your needs; this could be a full crew or one pallbearer or ambulance attendant. Please discuss your needs with us.

Green’s Uniform detail:

Driver/pallbearer’s uniform: Black jacket, waistcoat and tie. Striped trouser. Raincoat with chauffeur’s cap and gloves.

Conductor’s uniform: Black jacket, waistcoat, winged collar shirt with cravat. Striped trouser. Tail coat/frock coat with top hat, gloves and cane.

We can accommodate specific Company uniform colours/emblems, including tie and trouser alternatives. Please liaise with our diary team.

We are just a phone call away 020 8695 9500.

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